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  • mini-hook-loop-black-white (1)

    4mm Mini Hook Loops

    4mm Bungee Cord Loop – Plastic Mini Hook – UV Resistant – Abrasian Resistant – Waterproof- Elasticity equivalent of 4 x 4mm cords.

    From:£2.62 (ex.VAT)
    £3.14 (inc. VAT)
  • 6/8mm Auto Locking Bungee Hooks

    Auto Locking Bungee Hooks – Easy Quick Fitting – No Tools Required – Ultra Resistant Plastic – Security Lock Incorporated

    From:£2.63 (ex.VAT)
    £3.16 (inc. VAT)
  • ball-loops-black-white

    6mm Bungee Ball Loops

    6mm x 250mm Bungee Cord Loop – Plastic Toggle Ball – UV Resistant – Abrasian Resistant – Waterproof

    From:£3.99 (ex.VAT)
    £4.79 (inc. VAT)
  • 8mm-coloured-luggage-elastics-close

    6mm Hook Ties

    6mm x 250mm – Bungee Cord Loop – Extra Strong Plastified Metal Hook – Abrasion Resistant – UV Resistant

    From:£3.07 (ex.VAT)
    £3.68 (inc. VAT)
  • 6mm Spiral Bungee Hooks

    6mm Spiral Bungee Hooks – Stainless Steel With Black Plastic Coating – Strong, Durable and Weather Resistant – Ideal for Custom Length Luggage Elastics

    From:£1.58 (ex.VAT)
    £1.9 (inc. VAT)
  • 6mm Swivel Ties

    6mm White Swivel Ties – 6mm Shock Cord Loop Fitted to T-Bar Swivel – Abrasion Resistant – UV Resistant – Natural Rubber Core – Polyethylene Outer.


    From:£2.46 (ex.VAT)
    £2.95 (inc. VAT)
  • 8mm – 10mm Plastic Easy Fix Hooks

    Plastic Easy Fix Hooks – For 6-8mm shock cord. Made from strong black nylon – BS 450N approx – Ideal for making custom hooked bungee cord to the required length – Easy to fit and ...

    From:£8.4 (ex.VAT)
    £10.08 (inc. VAT)
  • 8mm Black Luggage Elastics

    8mm Luggage Elastics – 8mm Multi-Strand Bungee Cord – Extra Strong Plastified Metal Reverse Hooks – Abrasion Resistant – UV Resistant.

    From:£0.97 (ex.VAT)
    £1.16 (inc. VAT)
  • 8mm Plastic Bungee Hooks

    8mm Plastic Bungee Hooks – Easy Quick Fitting – Simply Crimp into Place – Ultra Resistant Plastic Moulding

    From:£2.1 (ex.VAT)
    £2.52 (inc. VAT)