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  • 6mm Elastic Bungee Ball Loops
  • Made with 6mm bungee cord assembled in a loop with a ball.
  • Nominal diameter of 6mm bungee cord.
  • Inner: natural extruded multi-strand rubber core.
  • Outer: hard-wearing braided polypropylene.
  • Capable of 100% stretch.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Minimum elasticity variation, uniform tension.
  • Good abrasion, UV and water resistance.
  • Ideal for use with tarpaulin, signs and banners.
  • Available in 180mm/250mm black or white.
  • High Quality Everlasto – UK Cordage Manufacturers Since 1856
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6mm bungee ball loops available in 180mm or 250mm lengths in either black or white.

Comprised of 6mm heavy duty strong elastic bungee shock cord formed in a loop and assembled into a ball tie loop.

Made with a braided high tenacity polypropylene outer and an extruded natural rubber core.

The hard-wearing polypropylene is smooth and soft to touch but very strong and easy to secure and hold items down in place.

Key applications for bungee ball loops include with trailers, tarpaulins, scaffolding sheets, banners, signs and skip nets but there are many more uses around the workplace, leisure settings, home and garden.

Elastic bungee cord is widely used for holding, tightening and gripping items into place.

The nature of the elastic cord is that it will stretch under tension, then return to its original shape when relaxed.

Quality Everlasto products from James Lever of Bolton, UK cordage manufacturers since 1856.

Technical Info:

  • 6mm multi-strand natural latex elastic cord.
  • High wear and U.V. resistant polyethylene yarn.
  • Stainless steel hog ring.
  • Polypropylene ball.
  • Tested to support 250N (25kgF approx)

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180mm, 250mm


Black, White

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10, 100


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