Discover our Everlasto ‘Lastoflex’ bungee cord range. These bungee cords feature a smooth and tough braided mono-filament polypropylene outer sheath and a natural rubber core. Thanks to these properties, this quality shock cord is highly abrasion-resistant, waterproof, hard-wearing and has added UV resistance and high strength at breaking point. 

Lastoflex bungee cord is ideal for outdoor use due to its strength, water-resistance and UV-stabilised polypropylene outer sheath. As such, Lastoflex bungee cord can be used with publicity banners and streamers, camping equipment, caravans, tarpaulins on lorries and trailers, luggage racks and many more cargo control applications. Available in a great range of colours and length sets, you’ll find a bungee cord to suit your style and purpose. Click here to learn more about Lastoflex Break Strength.

Everlasto product from James Lever of Bolton – Ropes and Twines Since 1856.

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